The Best Moissanite Ring For Every Style of 2022

September 15, 2022

 In case you haven’t already noticed, moissanite is becoming a super popular diamond alternative for engagements rings, with more and more couples loving the diamond-like look of the stone.

And here at Green Wedding Shoes, we could not be more excited about the moissanite trend! But there are some important things you should know before opting for moissanite vs diamond, and we’re breaking it all down in this guide.

Moissanite is actually a pretty rare substance to find out in nature, and typically was sourced and gathered from meterorites (cool, right?!).

That said, nowadays moissanite is typically man-made, which is plenty more sustainable than mining for stone, as you would with traditional diamonds.

We love that moissanite has become a diamond-like option for couples who want the look of a diamond without the environmental and ethical implications that come from some diamonds.

Why can it be a substitute for diamonds?Because it is fashionable, innovative and diverse in design Moissanite rings have various styles and novel designs, and some refer to the design concepts of top international jewelry brands. Moissanite jewelry is mostly inlaid with 18K gold.As we all know, 18k gold is a brand new alloy. It has a variety of colors due to the addition of other precious metals. Compared with pure gold, this is the most direct advantage.Secondly, the ductility and hardness of 18k gold are much better than that of pure gold, so it has better room for play in shape and style, and can create more three-dimensional, changeable, fashionable and novel under the condition of ensuring the safety of gemstone setting. shape.In addition, 18k gold has more advantages in price due to its impure gold content. For example, 18k white gold is very similar in appearance and quality to platinum, but the price is much lower

The second is that it is cost-effective!
Rings only have two functions: to look beautiful and to be a witness to the happiness of love, so a ring that meets these two requirements is considered a good ring!
No one will doubt the beauty of diamond rings, but the price of diamonds must not be affordable by ordinary friends, but Moissanite rings are different. The price of moissanite is only one tenth of that of natural diamonds!
Moissanite does not lose the attributes of natural diamonds and has obvious advantages in price, but in terms of wearing experience, Moissanite can also show the noble and elegant temperament of women and meet the needs of consumers for high-end jewelry.

So here are some beautiful and cost-effective Moissanite diamond rings for you.

1.Moissanite Wedding Band for Women 

  • 【Top Grade Moissanite with More Sparkle】-This moissanite diamond band is made of 100% REAL MOISSANITE, which is as hard as natural diamond. It has greater fire and brilliance than any other gemstones. Also,it won’t tarnish or discolor while it is more cost-effective than diamond. The metal of the ring is 925 sterling silver with 18K White Gold Plated, which is 100% Hypoallergenic, Lead-free & Nickel-free.
  • 【Exquisite Craft】-The stones feature hand made setting instead of wax setting, to ensure the stones are stronger and safer on the setting. No worry about the stones will fall out. Excellent polishing process will make the ring have much more fire, brilliance and sparkle.
  • 【Classic Design & Stackable Ring】-This promise ring is the most classic design and it will never go out of style. It is a perfect matching band to wear beside your engagement ring or seperately.

2.Moissanite Rings for Men 1 Carats 6.5mm Solitaire Diamond Wedding Band

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